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Better Value through Integration

Loop Connections is passionate about saving people money by building collaboration and trust. When we all work together everyone does better.

If you want to work with us or discuss projects where we can help you then you might want to visit our business website where we describe previous projects and the services we offer.

On this comsumer website we ensure that:

The best price just got better – Through integration the Loop makes opportunities more affordable and accessible. By packaging entry tickets with travel, the Loop creates savings not available elsewhere. Trips to the theatre, cinema, shopping or days gain new customers.

Optimising benefits - Loop Connections is a collaboration between logistics, transport, technology, and marketing teams. Our logistics specialists optimise value from suppliers whilst our marketing experts design packages for purchasers. With user friendly technologies to connect value for suppliers and purchasers everyone is a winner.

Trusted and social - The team at the Loop have been benchmarking access to opportunity in the UK for over 10 years under contract to Government. We link people with places based on unique insights about how to make connections. Everyone is welcome in the Loop and communities design packages from the bottom up – unlocking the value of local knowledge.

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